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I. 1. convern 2. ignored 3. power 4. settled 5. actually 6. present 7. latter 8. aommanded 9. persuaded 10. scheduled 11. determined/decided 12. reliable 13. injured 14. rescued 15. frightening 16. honour 17. quality 18. devotion 19. attacked 20. reward

II. 1. adding up, add up to 2. has gone through 3. set down 4. on purpose 5. is based on 6. is recognoized as 7. requested a computer from 8. made use of 9. preferred to, rather than 10. persuading you to stay 11. give in to 12.is hard to work out 13. right away 14.buries , in study 15. congratuate, on his success 16. Judging from 17. under attack 18. come to/into power 19. in reward for 20. escape being shot

III. 1. if I was 2. When, it that 3. advised , to start 4. why, is that he is ill5. is comfortable to drive 6. Ever since 7. whose windows 8. When, too, for them to 9. in this way can we 10. no more careful than



I. 1-5DABBB 6-10BADAD 11-15AAADC 16-20BADBB

II. 1-5 DACBA 6-10DCCDB 11-15 ACBAD 16-20DCCBA


I. 1-5 BDBAC 6-9 CBAB

II. 1-5CDCAB 6-10 BBDDB 11-15 DAABA

III. 參考譯文

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,

Our country has taken on a new look both in living environment and mental outlook since new China was founded 60 years ago.

In the past, we used to live in the small and old houses and now we have moved into new broad houses. At the same time, many families have possessed their new cars. Besides, our country hosted the 29th Olympic Games successively in 2008. Another inspiring event was that the astronaut Zhai Zhigang in Shenzhou VII skillfully and smoothly carried out the world-famous space walk, which shows the great achievement of our scientific research. How much our country has changed is due to the “reform and opening-up policy” and the “rich-people policy”coducted all over our country. We are very happy and proud of these achievements. I am sure our country will become even stronger and richer. I love our motherland very much. Let’s work hard to make contribution to our country in the future.

Thank you!

IV. 附加題 1-5 CFDBE


I. 1. survived 2. designed 3. Remove 4. sinking 5. Regular 6. replace 7. admitted 8. deserve 9. Compared 10. solving 11. arose 12. Anyway 13. relief 14. merciful 15. Influenced 16. appreciate 17. pretended 18. attach 19. relying 20. confidence

II. 1. in search of 2. decrate , with 3. in return for 4. was, thought of 5. compare, with in 6. stands for 7. every three years 8. bargined with, over/about 9. In common with 10. In a way 11. after all 12. With the help of 13. are dying out 14. a danger to 15. burst into laughter/out laughing 16. come into being 17. dreamed of becoming 18. rely on it that 19. are familiar with 20. sorting out

III. 1. There, no doubt 2. It is , not, who 3. To our surprise 4. is it that 5. so clever a girl 6. before, could 7. Even if/though invited 8. as, advised 9. It , long before 10. most of which

IV. 1-5 CCCCD 6-10 CDDCB


I. 1-5BABAA 6-10 ABAAD 11-15 DBAAB 16-20 ABDCA

II. 1-5DACBC 6-10CBBACC 11-15 ABAAD 16-20 BCBAD


I. 1-5 CDABB 6-10 DCABB

II. 1-5 CCBDB 6-10 ACBDC 11-15 BADAD

III. liuxue86.com參考譯文

Cars and Earth

Nowadays, people’s living standards are improving fast, which certainly has benefited them a lot.

For one thing, people can get around freely. For another, it is convenient for them to travel in cars. More and more cars will emit poisonous gases and cause air pollution, which does great harm to the environment.

Therefore, human beings are faced with an urgent task to take measures to save the earth for their own sake. The government should pass laws and limit the number of cars. Or we may use environmentally friendly cars to reduce the pollution.

After all, we have only one earth. If we continue polluting it, we shall be punishe in time.

So, we should make proper use of cars and protect our earth.

附加題 1. to deal with 2. Brussels 3. Representitives 4. China 5. Purpose/Aim/Goal 6. To raise funds 7. Escaping 8. Results 9. Threatening 10. the political stability


I. Festival 2. agricultural 3. anergetic 4. apoligize 5. balanced 6. frustrated 7. curiosity 8. discount 9. digested/understood 10. benefited 11. permits 12. contrary 13. reserved 14. am1. ount 15. theory 16. atmosphere 17. harmful 18. existed 19. measures 20. approximately6. in memory of 7. get the papers together 8. is covered with 9. for you to lose weight 10. is made of

II. 1. is meant to 2. took place 3. looking forward to 4. offered me halp 5. play a trick on 6. in memory of 7.get the papers together 8. is covered with 9. for you to lose weight 10.is made of 11. must have heard 12. have you saying 13. the other day 14. before long 15. put on more weight 16. turned into 17. bring up 18. is set in 19. as a matter of fact 20. On the contrary

  III. 1. I wonder, do, a favor 2. no doubt that 3. either, or 4. a time when 5. as/though 6. no, more active than 7. It, that he is 8. must have been 9. It is, pity that 10. On the east of, is/lies



I. 1-5CCCAC 6-10 AACBD 11-15 CABCD 16-20 CCBBB

II. 1-5CBADB 6-10 CDCBA 11-15BCBAD 16-20 BDCBA


I. 1-5 CBDAD 6-8 AAC

II. 1-5 DCBAD 6-10 BDCAA 11-15 CCBCC

III. As in shown in the picture,we plant trees and we will enjoy the shade ourselves as well as our grandchildren. Everybody knows nature is to us what water is to fish.Yet we don’t realize it until it is too late.With the development of modern technology, there are more and more people on the earth and fewer and fewer resources left. What’s worse, pollution is getting more and more serious and the climate is becoming warmer and warmer. Therefore we should take measures to build a harmonious relationship between man and nature. On the one hand, in our daily life we can recycle water and turn off lights when necessary; while on the other hand, we can choose to use public transport rather than use private cars to reduce carbon emission. Speaking of consumption, we had better choose energy-saving goods and eat less processed food. Undoubtedly , there are still more for us to do to make a positive difference.

IV. To protect nature means to protect ourselves and our younger generation. Let’s do it now!

V. 附加題 1-5 EBCGA


I. 1. connection 2. worthwhile 3. observing 4. inspired 5. disturbed/upset 6. expand 7. equipped 8. reduced 9. content/satisfied 10. overcome 11. convinced 12.particular 13. represent 14. approached 15. curious 16. major 17. various 18. unique 19. preserved 20. Admission

II. 1. put to death 2. argued with 3. be looked down upon 4. refer to 5. in intended for 6. struggled for 7. get, rid of 8. four times the length of 9. equip with 10. build up 11. focus on 12. Keep, from 13. worse off 14. pick out 15. in defence of 16. In general 17. are wrong about 18. No wonder 19. stand close to 20. come to life

III. 1. Teaching English is 2. Only, did, realize 3. It was yesterday that 4. would rather, than 5. one fourth the size of 6. With, in his hand 7. It is likely that 8. Not knowing 9. Whatever job 10. not only, but also

IV. 1-5CDADB 6-10 DBCBD 11-15 CDAAD


I. 1-5 BDBCB 6-10 DDBCC 11-15 BADDC 16-20 BBBBC

II. 1-5 BDBBD 6-10 CCDDB 11-15 DACBB 16-20 AADBA


I. 1-5 BBDAC 6-8 DDC

II. 1. How to be a good listener?

2. The worst listeners usually aren’t aware that their listening skills need some attention or improvement.

3. you are not concentrating on/focusing your mind on .

4. Don’t interrupt the speaker, for the speaker may be frustrated by the inability to finish a complete thought.

5. 如果你與講話者有眼神交流,他會覺得你在全神貫注地聽他講話。


I. 1. conclusion 2. expose 3. challenged 4. announced 5. instructions 6. contributed 7. cautions 8. reject 9. accomplished 10. convenience 11. attract 12. arranged 13. impression 14. surrounded 15. sweep 16. instant 17. acquired 18. concentrate 19. accurate 20. approve

II. 1. put forward 2. draw a conclusion 3. cured of 4. was absorbed in 5. prevent, from spreading 6. break away from 7. broke down 8. arranged to meet 9. took up 10. lost sight of 11. concentrate, on 12. depends on whether 13. accused , of breaking 14. ahead of time 15. approved of her going 16. ten years senior to 17. over and over again 18. If necessary 19. A great number of 20. dressed in white

III. 1. every time 2. suggested , should turn down 3. consists of 4. It is, that 5. Worried about her safety 6. On the top, stands 7. By, means will 8. that 9. when 10. It was in the street that

IV. 1-5 BACDB 6-10 DCADC


I. 1-5 CCDBD 6-10 ADAAC 11-15 ACABD 16-20 ACABD

II. 1-5CBCAB 6-10 BDDAB 11-15 CCDAB 16-20 CBAAB


I. 1-5 BACAD 6-9 DBBD

II. 1-5BCCCA 6-10 AADAD 11-15 ACCBA

III. As the cartoon shows, nowadays, some college graduates employed earn almost as much as migrant workers, thus arousing the issue: Is it still a necessity to go to college?

As far as I am concerned, I’ll definitely say “yes”!

To begin with, we go to college not merely to get a diploma, nor for getting a job, in which case, we can attend a technical school instead; we seek to improve our multiple abilities as well as broaden our horizons. A noncollege life is not a full life.

On the other hand, it’s quite normal for migrant workers, especially experienced ones to demand more while as greenhands, college grads have all the potential capacities which enable them to better their life in the long run.

So, despite the fact the cartoon reveals, it’s utmostly necessary for us to go to college.

IV. 附加題 1. interested 2. assistants 3. as 4. operate 5. right 6. coming 7. satisfactory 8. early 9. details 10. Why

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